About Kindergarten

With the use of songs, stories, finger plays, books, role-playing, puppets and flannel boards, the children learn about Jesus and His love for them.  Students understand they are children of God and that His Son Jesus died for them so they may have eternal life. The Bible stories are taught in chronological order beginning with Creation in the Old Testament and ending with Paul’s missionary trips in the New Testament.

Memory Work

To support the Biblical truths from the stories in Religion, the children learn, at home, the provided memory verses that correlate with the lesson.  Songs, prayers, parts of liturgy, and the commandments also are a part of the memory work program.


All students are creative and this creativity is fostered through the use of many different media.  The students are using and developing the skills of cutting, gluing, and coloring daily. Numerous art projects decorate our room and hallway consistently.  The students are very proud of their accomplishments and are always eager to show them to visitors. An Art Fair is held every three years at which time the student’s school and home art is displayed.  The kindergarten students are introduced to the works of Leonardo Da Vinci as their class artist.


With individual chromebooks, the students have experience working on the computer in the classroom.  The skill of using the mouse is used in games that reinforce learning concepts being taught in class.  

Current Events
With the help of the Weekly Reader, the students are aware of national news.  They learn about the country, the government, the political leaders, and the voting process that elects them.


With the use of the D’Nealian form of print, students develop correct handwriting skills.  They learn proper spacing, slant, and form of the letters and use it in their daily writing.  


Mathematical skills are continuously worked on throughout the day through   counting and number recognition. With the use of the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Series, students are introduced to telling time, counting and recognizing money, measuring in metric and standard units, plain and solid shapes, addition and subtraction. IXL.com is utilized to help supplement the program.


“Oh come, let us sing to the Lord!”  The students’ voices are joyfully raised in song each day.  Through records, tapes, musical instruments, and singing at the piano, the students not only learn rhythm and voice intonation but also develop an appreciation of music.  Together with other grades, the kindergarten students share their love of music in choir by singing in chapel, special school programs, concerts, and a K-2 musical held every two years.

Physical Education

The physical need of the body is met through activities in PE class.  The students eagerly participate in ball skills, games, gymnastics, dance, jump rope skills, hockey, bowling, relays, parachute play, and kick ball.  Daily recess allows for time to run, jump, and to work on social skills and cooperative play.

Reading, Phonics, and Language Arts
Through the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Reading Series, which is a phonics-based program, students learn the alphabet and sounds needed to become readers.  Rhyming words, poetry, story sequence, vocabulary, experience charts, comparisons, main idea and details, context questions, and storytelling are all skills taught and used to help develop individual readers.  Students read high frequency and decodable words daily in their silent and oral reading. Opportunity is given for students to create and read their own stories, write in their journals, and to use both the written and spoken word in group discussions and story time.  The weekly use of the school library also helps to foster good reading habits. Individually kindergarten progress by use of Lexia.com.


God’s beautiful world that He created is opened up to the students through science.  From animals on the earth, to stars and planets in the universe, the students with the help of observations, demonstrations, problem-solving skills, hands-on activities, field trips and the Macmillan McGraw Series, learn how to appreciate and to care for this wonderful creation.  Students are encouraged to enter an exhibit in the Science Fair, which is held every three years. Every other year the kindergarten class uses the Christian based Concordia Publishing House Sex Education curriculum.

Social Studies

The student’s world consists of more than home and school.  With the help of maps, the globe, field trips, pictures, books, videos, and the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Series, they venture out into the neighborhood, community, state, and country.  The students learn about the history of our land, the people who helped develop it, and many different cultures present today. They show they are proud to be citizens by reciting the pledge each day, recognizing national symbols, observing national holidays, appreciating the freedoms present in our country and practicing good citizenship.  Knowing that God created all people, they appreciate the diversity of these people in their world. After studying in depth a designated country, the students share their knowledge in the Social Studies Fair, which is held every three years.

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